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Euromix Concrete Deploys New Invoice Processing Solution

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Euromix Concrete, a leading supplier of high quality ready mixed concrete to the construction industry throughout London and the South East, has awarded e-docs UK a major contract to automate the processing of delivery tickets and invoices.  It will enable Euromix Concrete to achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings whilst delivering a higher level of customer service.

e-docs UK will be scanning more than 60,000 delivery tickets every year, capturing all information using powerful data capture software.  A signature check will be automatically performed for each document with unsigned tickets being flagged as exceptions and presented to Euromix Concrete’s invoicing team for immediate attention.  Every document will then be uploaded to e-docs UK’s OneView web portal allowing self-service access for customers to view and monitor queries.

According to David Marsh, Euromix Concrete:  “The solution provided by e-docs will automate existing manual processes and enable us to efficiently handle an increasing volume of deliveries each year.  It will improve the accuracy of the billing process by capturing all additional charges incurred, such as vehicle waiting times, and speed up the handling of customer queries.”

e-docs UK will also be providing Euromix Concrete with a comprehensive invoice processing solution.  It will include electronic invoicing as well as a print and mail service which will deliver postage savings of up to 20% by taking full advantage of all available postal discounts.  Invoices will also be uploaded to e-docs UK’s OneView web portal and cross referenced with delivery tickets.

“Eliminating the need to file and store hard copies of all delivery notes and invoices will enable us to optimise available office space and deliver significant time savings by providing faster document search and retrieval.  Working with e-docs UK will also smooth the transition to e-invoicing whilst delivering significant business benefits,” concluded David Marsh.

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e-docs UK Introduces New Accounts Receivable Processing Solution

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e-docs UK has introduced Chequebox, a new service that will streamline cheque and remittance processing and deliver significant cost savings.  The ChequeBox service will provide organisations that receive high volumes of cheques in payment for goods and services with quicker access to cleared funds, improve cashflow and reduce the processing costs by up to 25%

The latest data capture software is used to rapidly process remittances with cheques and the proceeds are deposited directly into nominated business accounts the same day.   All remittances without cheques are matched to electronic receipts on bank statements allowing the correct allocation of funds within sales ledgers.

Data is output to OneView, e-docs UK’s PCI compliant, web-based repository where customers, using desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones, have 24/7 secure access to data files, image files and report files that summarise the current day’s banking.  Consolidated reporting provides a clear and concise view of all payments received, enabling organisations to make informed and timely financial decisions.

According to e-docs UK:  “This new ChequeBox service will enable organisations to reduce their remittance processing costs whilst eliminating the need to invest in expensive and unnecessary hardware and software.  It can be scaled to meet the requirements of organisations of every size, regardless of processing volumes, and will deliver significant cost savings.”


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