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e-docs UK – Investing For Growth

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e-docs UK has completed a series of significant investments that will enable us to meet customer demands for innovation and cost reductions whilst delivering an enhanced level of service.  We have deployed ABBYY Flexicapture, the latest data capture software that allows us to process over 2000 pages per hour, around 300% more than traditional solutions.  In addition to allowing us to process close to 200,000 pages each week, it will better integrate with database tables to perform look-ups and provide improved character recognition for greater accuracy.

We have also acquired a new enveloping machine which increases our capacity by 75,000 envelopes per week and enhances service resilience.  It will enable us to meet the growing demand for our hybrid invoice processing services, which include print and mail as well as e-billing.

e-docs UK Publish New White Paper On Straight Through Processing for Accounts Payable

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In the cost-driven business environment that exists today companies are always looking for a competitive edge. This invariably means looking at the fixed costs associated with back-office operations and driving efficiency initiatives to get more “blood out of the stone”. Doing more with less is a common philosophy and process automation is one of the key objectives to achieving a lean business.

In Accounts Payable the ideal scenario is to achieve straight through processing (STP) of supplier invoices. This will reduce labour costs and enable increased volumes to be handled efficiently. But, is it achievable and is it right for you? This guide highlights the major points you need to consider before embarking on the search for this Holy Grail.

The objective of this paper is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of what ‘Straight Through Processing’ is, how it can be of benefit and what to consider before implementing a solution.

Find the full paper available in our download section located here.

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