Our Business Ethos

e-docs UK is a company focused on delivering high quality IT services to Finance and HR departments. We have been established for over 20 years and have many customers who have worked with us for more than 10 years. Indeed our first client back in 1988, Blue Arrow, part of the Impellam Group, is still a major customer today and we have evolved this relationship through three generations of technology.

Our ‘Ethos’ is to ensure we are as valuable to our customers as they are to us, and ensure we deliver the highest level of service possible to maintain excellent relationships and partnerships with clients.

Customer Charter

How we treat our customers is of fundamental importance to our organisation. Customer Care is a key component in our culture and a strategic part of our corporate objectives.

Our commitment to customers extends to:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction drives our corporate plans, objectives and visions:
  • Ownership of Customer Care programme remains at Director level.
  • Continuous measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement of Customer Care programme.
  • Building long term relationships.
  • Understand customer goals and always try to help in achieving them.
  • Ensuring e-docs UK is an easy company to deal with:

Focus on effective communication at all times.

  • Maintain up to date contact information.
  • Respond to every customer communication in a timely manner.
  • Making sure there is always somebody available for you to speak with.
  • Act in a professional and friendly manner at all times.
  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • We will ensure that you know who you have spoken to and who will respond to your communication.
  • We will ensure that you know the timescales for responding to or resolving your questions.
  • We will do everything in our power to answer your questions and deal with your issues.

Our goal is for every e-docs UK client to feel valued and important. We will treat you courteously and professionally at all times. Regardless of who you speak with you should expect clear and timely communication and you will always be welcomed with pleasure and hospitality at our offices.