e-docs UK introduces new purchase invoice automation solution

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e-docs UK has launched a new purchase invoice automation solution.  Developed in partnership with Palette, the enterprise purchase-to-pay specialist, e-docs UK will integrate the PaletteArena and Palette Online suites into its range of purchase-to-pay (P2P) automation and management solutions, enabling customers and clients to achieve significant cost-savings and efficiency gains.

The new Palette suites meet e-docs UK’s requirement for an integrated, flexible P2P platform that enables customers to quickly migrate and automate their invoice and accounts handling processes.  After an extensive evaluation of the market, e-docs UK selected Palette’s solutions as they provide companies of any size with the fastest possible route to easier, more flexible invoice processing as well as giving users secure, cloud-based access to their supplier invoices for checking, authorisation and detailed reporting.

According to e-docs UK:  “With flexible deployment options and web-based management, integrating Palette with our own P2P solution enables us to offer our customers secure access to their invoices and visibility of their purchase ledgers wherever they are.  It will enable organisations to improve accounts payable efficiency and reduce processing costs to without upfront capital outlay.”

e-docs UK’s new purchase invoice automation solution includes a web portal and improves invoice management from receipt to payment.  It integrates easily with accounting, information and business systems to automate and streamline accounts payable activity and is available both as an on-premise and a cloud solution.

Lucy Beck, sales director for Palette in the UK, added:  “e-docs UK is one of the UK’s most experienced and innovative providers of P2P solutions and I am delighted to welcome them on board as a Gold Partner. It will extend the delivery of Palette’s innovative solutions to a wider range of companies and help build our presence in the UK market.”

United Asphalt Deploys New Invoice Delivery And POD Handling Solutions From e-docs UK.

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United Ashphalt

Formed in 2007, United Asphalt is a leading independent provider of high quality asphalt, macadam and specialist surfacing products used in a wide range of construction, maintenance and domestic applications.  The company operates two asphalt manufacturing plants at Theale, Berkshire and Croydon, Surrey serving customers throughout London and the South East.

The Challenge

United Asphalt wanted to improve the efficiency of its accounting operations by reducing the cost of producing and despatching invoices, a process that was already outsourced, in readiness for the future adoption of e-billing.  With more than 2000 invoices being produced each month, it also wanted to ensure that they were despatched on time.  The company also wanted to streamline the way that proof of delivery notes (PODs) were handled and stored.

 The Solution

After evaluating various solutions, United Asphalt asked e-docs UK to deploy a solution that would speed up the production and despatch of invoices, improve the handling of PODs and provide online access to all stored documentation.

Invoice data is received electronically on a daily basis via secure FTP transmission and uploaded to e-docs UK’s OneViewDM servers giving users secure, instant access to documents from any location around the clock using standard web browsers.  It also enables United Asphalt to comply with all regulatory requirements relating to the tracking and storage of corporate data.  Invoices are automatically sorted using address or account details to consolidate the number of envelopes required for daily despatch.  Royal Mail approved machine-readable fonts are used to speed up the postal delivery process and take advantage of all available mailing discounts and a comprehensive audit report is emailed to United Asphalt with each run.

According to Lisa Search, Finance Director at United Asphalt:  “e-docs UK has provided us with an cost-effective solution that enables our credit control operations to run more efficiently and provides a more accurate indication as to the current state of the business.  As well as reducing the cost of producing and despatching invoices by more than 50%, it has helped to speed up the dispute resolution process and reduce debtor days.”

PODs are received from United Asphalt’s head office in Theale on a weekly basis for scanning and uploading to the OneViewDM servers within 48 hours.  Every document is indexed using multiple criteria including supplier name, PO number, date and delivery point, to speed up the search and retrieval process and enable significant time savings to be achieved.

“We have been impressed by the way that e-docs UK took the time to really understand what we were trying to achieve and has provided us with a solution that meets all our requirements,” continued Lisa Search.  “We are currently evaluating the feasibility of extending online access to suppliers which will deliver further benefits to the business.”

e-docs UK – Investing For Growth

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e-docs UK has completed a series of significant investments that will enable us to meet customer demands for innovation and cost reductions whilst delivering an enhanced level of service.  We have deployed ABBYY Flexicapture, the latest data capture software that allows us to process over 2000 pages per hour, around 300% more than traditional solutions.  In addition to allowing us to process close to 200,000 pages each week, it will better integrate with database tables to perform look-ups and provide improved character recognition for greater accuracy.

We have also acquired a new enveloping machine which increases our capacity by 75,000 envelopes per week and enhances service resilience.  It will enable us to meet the growing demand for our hybrid invoice processing services, which include print and mail as well as e-billing.

e-docs UK Publish New White Paper On Straight Through Processing for Accounts Payable

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In the cost-driven business environment that exists today companies are always looking for a competitive edge. This invariably means looking at the fixed costs associated with back-office operations and driving efficiency initiatives to get more “blood out of the stone”. Doing more with less is a common philosophy and process automation is one of the key objectives to achieving a lean business.

In Accounts Payable the ideal scenario is to achieve straight through processing (STP) of supplier invoices. This will reduce labour costs and enable increased volumes to be handled efficiently. But, is it achievable and is it right for you? This guide highlights the major points you need to consider before embarking on the search for this Holy Grail.

The objective of this paper is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of what ‘Straight Through Processing’ is, how it can be of benefit and what to consider before implementing a solution.

Find the full paper available in our download section located here.

Euromix Concrete Deploys New Invoice Processing Solution

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Euromix Concrete, a leading supplier of high quality ready mixed concrete to the construction industry throughout London and the South East, has awarded e-docs UK a major contract to automate the processing of delivery tickets and invoices.  It will enable Euromix Concrete to achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings whilst delivering a higher level of customer service.

e-docs UK will be scanning more than 60,000 delivery tickets every year, capturing all information using powerful data capture software.  A signature check will be automatically performed for each document with unsigned tickets being flagged as exceptions and presented to Euromix Concrete’s invoicing team for immediate attention.  Every document will then be uploaded to e-docs UK’s OneView web portal allowing self-service access for customers to view and monitor queries.

According to David Marsh, Euromix Concrete:  “The solution provided by e-docs will automate existing manual processes and enable us to efficiently handle an increasing volume of deliveries each year.  It will improve the accuracy of the billing process by capturing all additional charges incurred, such as vehicle waiting times, and speed up the handling of customer queries.”

e-docs UK will also be providing Euromix Concrete with a comprehensive invoice processing solution.  It will include electronic invoicing as well as a print and mail service which will deliver postage savings of up to 20% by taking full advantage of all available postal discounts.  Invoices will also be uploaded to e-docs UK’s OneView web portal and cross referenced with delivery tickets.

“Eliminating the need to file and store hard copies of all delivery notes and invoices will enable us to optimise available office space and deliver significant time savings by providing faster document search and retrieval.  Working with e-docs UK will also smooth the transition to e-invoicing whilst delivering significant business benefits,” concluded David Marsh.

Find this story available as a downloadable PDF in our Downloads area located here.

e-docs UK Introduces New Accounts Receivable Processing Solution

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e-docs UK has introduced Chequebox, a new service that will streamline cheque and remittance processing and deliver significant cost savings.  The ChequeBox service will provide organisations that receive high volumes of cheques in payment for goods and services with quicker access to cleared funds, improve cashflow and reduce the processing costs by up to 25%

The latest data capture software is used to rapidly process remittances with cheques and the proceeds are deposited directly into nominated business accounts the same day.   All remittances without cheques are matched to electronic receipts on bank statements allowing the correct allocation of funds within sales ledgers.

Data is output to OneView, e-docs UK’s PCI compliant, web-based repository where customers, using desktop, laptops, tablets and smartphones, have 24/7 secure access to data files, image files and report files that summarise the current day’s banking.  Consolidated reporting provides a clear and concise view of all payments received, enabling organisations to make informed and timely financial decisions.

According to e-docs UK:  “This new ChequeBox service will enable organisations to reduce their remittance processing costs whilst eliminating the need to invest in expensive and unnecessary hardware and software.  It can be scaled to meet the requirements of organisations of every size, regardless of processing volumes, and will deliver significant cost savings.”


New Proof Of Delivery System Delivers Major Gains In Productivity And Customer Service For NFT

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NFT, the UK’s leading chilled food and drink distributor, has deployed an innovative new system solution for proof of delivery (POD) which will provide greater visibility and transparency across the entire logistics supply chain.  Developed and installed by e-docs UK, the solution efficiently handles over 100,000 PODs every week with a web-based, query management system that enables customers to rapidly identify and resolve any discrepancies on a timely basis.

According to Andrew De Vere, NFT’s Director of Warehouse Operations with responsibility for Customer Services:  “We are committed to developing our infrastructure to increase operational efficiency and achieve optimum satisfaction levels.  This new technology solution will enable our customer services team to be more productive, spend more time building relationships with clients and handle any issues that occur along the supply chain.”

The new system enables all supplier PODs and retailer goods receipt notes to be scanned and uploaded to the e-docs UK OneView servers where over 85% can be viewed the same day.  Every document is indexed using multiple criteria including supplier name, PO number, delivery date and delivery point, which speeds up the search and retrieval process.  Customers now have direct access to all delivery documentation enabling them to rapidly locate and resolve discrepancies and keep on top of supermarket returns.

NFT’s new web-based, query management system enables customers to log and monitor queries and related responses, with every request being automatically allocated to an advisor for action.  The system also has a powerful reporting capability that allows NFT to effectively measure and manage the performance of the customer services team to ensure that targets for improving service levels and customer satisfaction are met.

“The e-docs UK system meets the needs of food and drink manufacturers for rapid and timely access to delivery documents and enables our customer services team to be more productive looking after customers rather than spending their time trying to track down paperwork,” continued Andrew De Vere.  “Over the last three years we have invested over £20m in technology and infrastructure solutions, and this new system is helping to consolidate our position at the forefront of chilled, time-critical logistics.”

e-docs UK worked closely in partnership with NFT’s customer services team throughout the deployment process to clean up existing data and streamline processes in readiness for the new system.  The company is now enhancing the system to provide more reporting and traceability.  Additional search filters will provide third party logistics suppliers, working on behalf of NFT, with the same level of access to all their delivery documentation.

King Sturge selects e-docs UK to support its Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation plans

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e-docs UK is delighted to announce that King Sturge have chosen e-docs UK’s services for use in its Finance Centre in Bristol. King Sturge will utilise e-docs UK’s Scanning, Data Capture and Workflow solutions to manage their Supplier Invoices.

Chris Elliott, Partner, King Sturge said “we are pleased to work with e-docs UK, the solution will allow us to automate our Procure to Pay processes and streamline the overall management of Supplier Invoices.
Ian Daniels, Sales and Marketing Director at e-docs UK, added ” we are delighted to be working with King Sturge to implement our solution and help support King Sturge’s plans. This is a very exciting and large project, we look forward to working with King Sturge for many years to come”.
About King Sturge
King Sturge is one of the largest international property consultancies with a network of over 210 wholly owned, associated and affiliated offices in 45 countries worldwide. Over 3,800 staff throughout these offices cover all property sectors and specialisms, including plant and machinery. Further details can be found at www.kingsturge.co.uk

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