Digital Archiving and Access for Thames Valley Housing Association

Thames Valley Housing Association (TVHA) provides affordable housing for people in need and manages over 5,000 rented properties and 4,000 shared ownership properties in London and the Thames Valley basin.

The Challenge

Having already selected a document management solution from ECMS, TVHA wanted to digitise over 30,000 paper-based files that covered every aspect of the business including all properties, finance and health & safety. These files were in regular use by over one hundred staff, primarily in TVHA’s customer service department, and many of them are updated daily. TVHA also wanted to have an efficient file tracking system that would provide the customer services team with rapid access to all documentation.

The Solution

Working in partnership with TVHA’s project manager Mark Fraser, e-docs UK developed key processes that would meet the requirements of the business. The included:

Defining the indexing and scanning requirements for each document type,
Developing assured quality practices to ensure all documents were correctly prepared for processing
Creating an efficient tracking system using barcode recognition so that any required file could be located and returned to a member of staff within 24 hours.

Immediate Benefits:

All documents were converted to Adobe PDF format using the latest optical character recognition technologies enabling easy content search via criteria such as keywords and dates.
All documents readily accessible using OneView, a powerful, easy to use and secure online repository that gives users instant access from any location around the clock.
OneView is directly linked to e-docs UK’s high speed scanning processes making digitised documents immediately available.
Using e-docs UK’s remote scanning solution, TVHA staff can now load new indexed documentation, linked to other relevant paperwork, directly into OneView.

Client Feedback

Commenting on this project, Ana Orbe, IT Manager at TVHA said: “e-docs UK has provided us with a powerful, cost effective solution that enables us to rapidly access all documents. This has help deliver increased productivity across our organisation. Throughout the project, e-docs UK has taken the time to understand our requirements and has delivered an efficient solution that meets our needs both now and in the future.”