Toymaster Automates Invoice Data Capture

Toymaster is a national association of independent specialist toyshops servicing members with invoicing, supplier negotiation and marketing services. Toyshops place orders with Manufacturers for direct delivery and invoices are sent to Toymaster to create sales invoices, which are sent to the shops.

The Challenge

Toymaster was finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the 170,000+ purchase invoices that needed to be processed each year. To improve the service delivered to its members, Toymaster wanted to automate its invoice processing to eliminate the requirement for temporary staff and overtime during peak periods.

The Solution

After a detailed evaluation of the market, Toymaster selected an automated invoice data capture system from e-docs UK. The system is designed to automatically capture invoice data including header, invoice number and all line item information with internal validation to ensure that all invoices are correct.

Prior to installation, e-docs UK completed a pre-study to precisely define Toymaster’s business requirements and determine the level of customisation that would be required. The deployment of the software-based solution was successfully completed and was run in parallel with existing systems for a couple of months before the final switchover.

Benefits realised

Eliminated the need for temporary staff during peak periods
Eliminated costly overtime payments
Provided access to important business intelligence allowing accurate prediction of buying patterns

“Automating our invoice processing has overcome the difficulties that we were facing handling this volume, particularly during the last few months of each year,” commented Colin Farrow, Financial Director of Toymaster. “The high level of expertise demonstrated by e-docs UK has been a key factor in the successful deployment of a best fit solution. The company took the time to really understand our requirements and its practical and pragmatic approach throughout the implementation ensured that the whole process ran smoothly.”
Colin Farrow concluded by stating: “Following the ‘bedding in’ of the system, we have not needed to employ temporary staff for the September to December period when volumes dramatically increase. In addition, we have almost permanently eliminated any requirement for overtime.”

Who are we?

e-docs UK is a leading independent provider of document and business process management solutions. It works with well-known blue chip clients as well as smaller organisations to deliver a range of high quality, client-focused solutions.

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