Data Capture and Remote Access Solution for Yum!

Yum! Brands Inc is the world’s largest restaurant company with more than 35,000 restaurants in 110+ countries & territories including global brands such as KFC, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

The Challenge

Yum! Restaurants International wanted to improve the way that documentation relating to each franchise including contracts, territory information, training details and delivery maps were handled at its UK-based headquarters in Woking.

In particular, it needed to streamline the whole document management process and deliver a more responsive service to franchisees by providing rapid access to all documents for staff operating in different time zones around the clock. This would also enable the company to meet business continuity planning requirements for the secure storage, access and management of legal documents.

The Solution

Yum! Restaurants International selected e-docs UK to provide a cost effective bespoke solution after an initial scoping phase, e-docs UK proposed to implement its OneView, web based document management system. This online repository provides an effective way of distributing information, giving worldwide staff rapid access to documents via any internet-enabled location. OneView eliminates the reliance on the time and availability of the central support team at Woking enabling them to be more productively deployed.

The first production phase of the project was to scan all documents currently stored at Woking. A wide range of documents were processed including large format documents such as territory and delivery maps as well as more than 10,000 franchisee contracts.

All scanning was completed in full colour ensuring that documents can be viewed in the highest quality and, where required, printed in accordance with corporate branding and quality standards. OCR (optical character recognition) technology was also used to enable users to copy and paste information from stored documents. E-docs UK also provided the company with desktop scanners to enable staff to scan, index and load documents directly into OneViewDM.

OneView is now the main data repository for the storage and retrieval of documents. It uses highly secure, mirrored web servers situated at two separate locations to provide the highest levels of service resilience and security. All hard copy documents are sent offsite for long term secure storage.

e-docs UK also provided bespoke, branded web pages including a flexible range of search fields for each franchise operation. These enable staff to quickly locate documents using store number, store name, document type, date and keywords. All documents are stored as legally admissible PDFs.
Client Feedback

According to Sarah Jane-Singh at Yum! Restaurants International: “e-docs UK has provided us with an innovative and cost effective solution that is delivering significant time and cost savings across the organisation. It has enabled us to meet all regulatory and corporate requirements for the storage and management of data and is playing an important role in the delivery of higher levels of service to our franchisees.”

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