e-docs UK understands that it has a responsibility to maintain awareness of environmental issues and to manage it’s business activities to minimise any impact on the environment. e-docs UK has implemented policies and processes to control it’s environmental impact to the lowest practical and economically sensible levels. e-docs UK has a published set of environmental objectives and targets and has a clear policy for maintaining knowledge of these throughout it’s organisation and for monitoring performance against the targets.

Considerable focus is given to:

  • Active promotion of environmental awareness to prevent pollution within the company, it’s suppliers and customers.
  • Maintenance and communication of our environmental policies within the company.
  • Conservation and protection of the environment by operating in a socially responsible manner at all times.
  • Inclusion of environmental policies within our ISO Quality and Procedures manuals
  • Minimising waste within the company, and re-cycling wherever practical.
  • Maximising energy efficiency.
  • Compliance with Legislation and Codes of Practice.
  • Use registered and reputable waste carriers at all times.
  • Reducing business mileage