Cloud Based Sales Invoices

Every invoice your business has ever sent - at the touch of a button

 Sales Invoices That Save You Money

Give your customers cloud access to their invoices and free your credit control staff

You have to keep your sales invoices.  They can easily become a pain point for your staff.  Storing, maintaining and searching as the need arises.  Put your sales invoices into a cloud based solution and see dramatic improvements from day

With a fully indexed and searchable database of invoices your staff are never more than a clicks away from the information they need.

  • All documents indexed and fully searchable
  • Securely hosted with 24/7 access
  • Retrieve your documents on any device
  • Redundant backups ensure your documents are kept safe
  • Documents form a legal HRMC archive meaning you can dispose of original paper documents
  • Add new documents at any time
  • All documents kept for a minimum of 7 years

Reduce Your Credit Control Workload

With all of your past sales invoices securely online and indexed you can grant your customer direct access to their own invoices.  They are able to see only their invoices, view online, print and conduct self service query management.

The best bit…

Your business retains complete control.  You choose which of your customers will be able to use the system and what actions they will be able to take.  You can choose to grant access to a few high value customer or perhaps customer that consistently lose invoices, the choice is yours.


e-docs UK has the experience and expertise to help your organisation take control of your paper invoices. To find out more about how e-docs UK can streamline your Accounts Payable process please talk to us today.