The Perfect Solution For Getting Invoices To Customers.

Automated all-in-one processing for both paper and digital invoices

Provide A Better Service To Your Customers

By delivering their invoices in their prefered format.

Getting sales invoices to customers in an ever changing world of invoice formats can be challenging and time consuming.  Too often the process of invoice distribution is seen as valueless activity.  As far as we are concerned getting invoices to customer couldn’t be more important.  If your business wants revenue it simply has to get invoicing correct, any delays or inaccuracies hurt your cash flow.

Our sales invoice solutions integrate paper and digital invoicing with self service functionality to deliver absolutely the best service to your customers.  Whatever format your customers request their invoices in, we make sure they receive exactly that.

"Our sales invoice solutions integrate paper and digital invoicing with self service functionality to deliver absolutely the best service to your customers."

− Colin Baterip - Managing Director - e-docs UK

With more than 10 years experience in the transactional mail marketplace, e-docs UK understands the need for security and service resilience. Accuracy and audited control of every single document is vitally important and our rigorous document control system ensures that every piece of mail is dispatched correctly and on time – every time.

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 Benefits for Your Business

By outsourcing your sales invoice processing to e-docs UK your business can realise significant benefits within its AR functions.

You can benefit from:

  • Reduced invoice production costs
  • Faster payments
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Improved reconciliation’s
  • Fewer rejected invoices
  • Increased productivity
  • Less paper in your business to store
  • Optimised cash-flow

 Benefits for Your Customers

Giving your customers their invoices in the format that best meets their needs can lead to some great benefits for their AP department and help you keep their business in the future.

They can benefit from:

  • Reduced processing costs
  • Improved accuracy leading to less queries
  • More productive AP staff
  • Straight through invoice processing
  • Managed payment cycles
  • Reduced disputes
  • Improved supplier relationships

How We Deliver The Service

Step 1: Invoice Generation

Our service works with your own accounts file.  We arrange to receive  your ‘outstanding invoice file’ and from that point the whole processes is automated.

  • File validated and matched to Day-Book totals.
  • Invoices are sorted into account sequence.
  • Invoices are then split by format into paper and digital.
  • Printed invoices are grouped by address to save on postage costs.
  • Digital invoices are rendered into desired formats.
  • Your branded artwork is added where required.

Step 2: Delivery and Hosting

Once invoices are ready for dispatch they are made available on our cloud based invoice management portal OneViewDM for your credit control team.  They are then dispatched.

  • All invoices are made available on OneViewDM.
  • Paper invoices are printed in high quality and colour where required.
  • Invoices are grouped into as few envelopes as possible.
  • Digital invoices are dispatched directly to your customers in their preferred format.
  • If you have granted access to customers to OneViewDM for self service they are sent a notification their invoices are ready.

Step 3: Detailed Reporting to Keep You in Control

We know how important getting invoices to customer is to any business.  We also know how important it is for your business to retain control over the whole process.  We provide key business critical reporting directly to you at every stage of the process.

Everything from receipt of your invoice file through to final delivery and postage is tracked, audited and reported to you.