Save time, save space and take control of paper flow with the UK’s most technologically advanced bureau scanning services.

"The system has proved to be extremely effective and PPF anticipates adding further processes in the near future including accounts payable and HR"

− Steve Risbridger, a Director of PPF

e-docs UK state-of-the-art scanning facility is perfect for your bulk scanning requirements. With 25 years of experience in Document Management our expertise will help your business take control of its paper flow, dramatically reduce the time and space required for maintaining paper records and help your organisation improve its green credentials.

With a range of market leading technologies e-docs can provide a solution for black and white, colour, double sided and unusual size documents.

Why Choose e-docs UK for your Document Scanning Needs?

e-docs UK has invested in the latest high speed scanning systems to deliver faster and more cost effective document scanning and archival services. This enables us to process a higher volume of documents and gives clients same-day online access to stored documents.

We offer the UK’s most technologically advanced bureau services and can scan any document in any volume or format.

  • Flexible and scalable pricing
  • Multiple formats accepted (colour, size, etc)
  • Image quality and security (e-docs UK are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and these standards have been maintained since 1993.)
  • Class leading OCR available
  • Secure image hosting and remote access available

Every job is completed to the highest quality and our scanning services comply with the current standards for legal admissibility. We are fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and other applicable standards, whilst our facilities are regularly audited for compliance by pharmaceutical, aerospace and financial clients.

“We chose e-docs UK because we had to complete the project within very tight timelines and we believed that they had the technical expertise and production capability to meet our requirements. We were impressed with the manner in which they increased their production capacity with additional shifts and that they were able to implement the project at short notice.” – Diana Hayward, Director of Document Management for GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development said:

If you have a document scanning requirement, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Below are details for a small number of the applications we process;

Delivery Manifests

We scanned more than 60,000 Collection and Delivery Manifests every night for a major European Courier company. Each manifest is scanned and indexed during a 12 hour period and the resulting images are loaded onto our hosting repository OneView by 9a.m. each morning. In 2012 we secured a contract with NFT to scan and capture data from 100,000 PODs per week.

Purchase Invoices

We have numerous clients for whom we scan and capture data for their Purchase Invoices. For one client in the Property Management sector we receive up to 1000 invoices per day which are scanned, indexed and loaded onto our hosted AP workflow solution by 2pm the same day. For a Facilities Services company we scan, index and load 2000 invoices per day into their workflow system.

Client Files

We regularly scan and index client files for many Legal and Accountancy firms.


We have been scanning timesheets since 1988 and these are loaded onto our OneView hosting repository where they are linked with their associated Sales Invoices. Our clients are able to view these from all of their branch locations and can even give access to their own clients to view the documents.

Employee/Leavers Files

e-docs UK has completed the scanning of hundreds of thousands of HR files for numerous clients. The latest is a large County Council where we completed a project involving the scanning of more than 600 “bankers” boxes of files in 3 months.


A number of Local Authorities and Construction firms use our document scanning services for their building Control and construction documents. These nearly always include large format documents which we are able to scan in Black and White or Colour.

Gift Aid Certificates

A number of UK charities use e-docs UK scanning services to scan and capture data from
Gift Aid certificates. These projects are normally annual and demand a great deal of accuracy and a fast turnaround.

Test Certificates

Many clients use e-docs UK for the scanning of their product test certificates. Our ISO standards are essential in enabling our clients to meet their regulatory compliance obligations.

Donations and Mail Returns

We have undertaken many projects in this field including processing of all the marketing campaign receipts for a major UK political party. This included envelope opening, cheque and cash removal and reconciliation, scanning of donation slips, compilation of a mailing database and mailing of thank you letters. More than 300,000 donations were processed in a 6 week period.

Lab Notebooks and Clinical Report Forms

We have extensive experience in scanning and processing all forms of documents for the pharmaceutical industry. This is a highly regulated industry and e-docs UK has passed its annual audit for Good Clinical Practice every year since 1998.

If you have a document scanning requirement, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


e-docs UK has the experience and expertise to help your organisation take control of your paper invoices. To find out more about how e-docs UK can streamline your Accounts Payable process please contact us here.