Maximise revenue and pass every audit effortlessly.


Protect your gift aid revenue

by digitally scanning and storing your declarations

It is critically important that gift aid declarations are processed and maintained accurately.  Ensuring that every last penny of revenue is gathered and protected against future re-reimbursement claims should be at the heart of every charitable organisation.

Failure to ensure accurate processing and storage hurts the people that need help the most.  We make sure your organisation can do what it does best – help people.

How we help your organisation

  • Remove inaccuracies in the capture process – ensuring maximum revenue and reducing repayment liability
  • Compile accurate donor lists for easy submission to HRMC freeing up your valuable time
  • Ensure that all possible revenue is claimed by identifying unclaimed forms
  • Reduce storage costs and space
  • Provide all documentation required for an audit in an instant with our 24/7 cloud based retrieval system.

We scan to the highest quality and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will read Handwriting, Printed Characters, Bar-Codes, Check Boxes and Dials. We can check for signatures, add columns of numbers and create rules based on hierarchical structures. We can also capture Post-Codes and import addresses from Post Office Address Files.

What our clients say…

"From the time the Gift Aid Certificates were collected to the return all seemed to be very quick and smooth, I would certainly recommend e-docs UK."

− Mrs Denise Putt - NSPCC

"They were able to provide the full reporting and retrieval for the information, meeting the Inland Revenues requirements and helping to generate more than £250,000 in gift aid""

− John Bree - Samaritans Purse

e-docs UK has the experience and expertise to help all Charities process their Gift Aid certificates to recover 100% of the tax benefit. To find out more about how e-docs UK can help you like we have helped NSPCC and Samaritans Purse process please contact us here.

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