Complete HR Record Management

Professionally scanned documents in an 24/7 accessible cloud based retrieval system

Secure, Cost Effective HR Record Retention

Save space, improve resilience and guarantee security for all your files.

HR Files have a very long shelf life. They take up a lot of space. Managing them is often a challenge and is inherent with risk. Paper is easily damaged or lost and that increases your  liability. Scanning HR and Pension Files saves you money, reduces your risks and means no more searching for files.

We have been an ISO accredited scanning service provider since 1988. We specialise in scanning HR files and solving our clients storage space problems and risk issues forever.

Better HR Files in 4 Simple Steps

  • All Documents are professionally scanned, the data extracted and verified for accuracy.
  • Digital Files are indexed by your business rules and uploaded onto our cloud based document solution OneViewDM®
  • All files are  backed up in various secure locations
  • You log into the system and simply search for the required file.

We scan to the highest quality and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will read Handwriting, Printed Characters, Bar-Codes, Check Boxes and Dials. We can check for signatures, add columns of numbers and create rules based on hierarchical structures.

Test our service for free

Get in contact today, and we will arrange a completely free trial or demonstration of the service using your own documents. We are confident that with our experience and technology we can provide a service that will make a real difference to your business.


e-docs UK has the experience and expertise to help your organisation take control of your HR Files. To find out more please contact us today.