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Invoice Data Capture

High Quality accurate data is critical to any automated invoice process. Invoice Data Capture & Validation is an outsource service from e-docs UK that delivers high quality, workflow ready invoice data into your accounts system.

Invoice Data Capture from e-docs UK

We combine the very best capture technology and software to provide our clients with accurate same day invoice data directly into their accounts system.  Every invoice is validated against per-defined business rules and accuracy is guaranteed in excess of 99.8%.

Unlike most Invoice Data capture companies we handle paper and electronic invoices as part of the same processes ensuing the best possible level of customer service and invoice turnaround.

Key Features of Invoice Data Capture with e-docs UK
    1. Any invoice format is acceptable, Paper, Fax, EDI, XML and PDF
    2. Invoice data will be transferred to your ERP or Workflow system on a same day basis
    3. Every invoice processed is time stamped and traceable Conforms to UK, European and US financial regulations
    4. Guaranteed data quality in excess of 99.8%
    5. UK based at our secure Hertfordshire based capture center
How it works

Your invoices will need to be sent to our capture center.  For paper invoices this can be done using a combination of secure mail collection, or by instructing your suppliers to use a dedicated PO Box we setup for you.  For electronic invoices we provide you with a secure e-mail address that your suppliers may use directly or that you may forward to.

All your invoices are subject to the same capture and strict validation regardless of physical or digital format.

A simplified model of the capture process:

7 Reasons To Love Our Price Per Invoice Model
  • Guaranteed Same Day Service
  • No More Costly Overtime
  • More productive staff
  • No Fixed Costs
  • No More Filing
  • No More Duplicate Invoices
  • Guaranteed Accuracy in excess of 98.8%