Save money by moving to 100% e-invoicing

Get a solution that works for every supplier

Paper based processes are expensive. They are slow, prone to error and often unreliable, as a finance executive you will already know this. You will also know that e-invoicing can be solve these problems.

Getting started with e-invoicing is easier than you might think

e-invoicing can look complex.  Terms like EDI, XML, CSV and PDF confuse how easy the process can actually be.  You can have all of your invoices electronically now, without having to worry about format and jargon. This is what our customers get on a daily basis.

Easy as 1,2,3


1.  Your business gets connected to a world class VAN (value added network) 

Your e-invoice suppliers send their invoices to our VAN.  This cloud based network processes all of the different formats and send to you only the format you want.

2.  Your suppliers can submit invoices directly to your workflow

Portal capability allows your supplier to log in and submit (according to your rules) their invoices directly.  Perfect for smaller or one-of suppliers.  Invite new suppliers as required.

3.  You retain class leading paper invoice capture

For your suppliers that can’t yet send you electronic invoices you get a class leading paper invoice capture with guaranteed accuracy and electronic data fed directly into your workflow.


7 reasons to love our invoice receipting solution
  • Guaranteed same day service
  • No more manual entry
  • More productive staff
  • Transaction based pricing
  • Self billing portal
  • No more duplicate invoices
  • Guaranteed accuracy in excess of 99.8%