Reduce your indirect spend by 15%

With an ROI of less than 12 months

There is no doubt as a Finance Executive you face serious concerns. Finding ways to reduce costs while increasing efficiency is a challenging task. Changing the way your business buys the goods and services it needs should be a big part of your strategy.
Our innovative solutions will allow you to:
  1. Grow your cash
  2. Get control over every purchase
  3. Guarantee compliance
  4. Avoid battles with IT

As you no doubt know, research shows that on average a business will spend between 10% and 15% of its revenue on indirect spend. Much of this spend will be unauthorised reactionary spend, the result of day-to-day pressure and the need for a quick solution.   While often justified in the short term this behaviour is hurting your business and can be solved with a purchasing solution.

Every business is different, but there are common themes.  You will no doubt have your own challenges and concerns. How many of the following apply to your business?

A technology solution with an ROI of 12 months. When did you last see that?
  • Lack of visibility over purchases
  • High % of maverick buying
  • Slow purchase process with manual elements
  • Missed opportunities to leverage your spending power
  • High AP costs
  • Difficulty planning budgets
  • Staff reluctance to change
  • Potential for fraudulent purchases

Want to see how we can deliver these savings to your business?

How you grow your cash flow…

Eliminate maverick purchasing and buy from approved suppliers only
  • Control suppliers
  • Ensure best terms
  • Negotiate discounts
  • Gain favourable payment terms

How you control purchasing

Use your authorisation matrix – without exception
  • Ensure correct approval levels
  • Manage purchase liabilities against budget
  • Control who can make a purchase request
  • Remove risk of fraud

How you improve AP

Use your purchasing to automate invoice approval
  • Transact orders and invoices electronically
  • Automatically match invoices to PO’s & GRN’s
  • Set your target for ‘straight through’ processing
Take the next step towards reducing your spend by 15%.  Arrange a demo and see how we can help you.

6 Key features:

  • Control who can raise a purchase request
  • Eliminate unauthorised expenditure
  • Manage multiple locations easily
  • Set spending limits
  • Free up management time
  • See instantly the impact of your purchasing decisions

"Eliminating maverick spend is the best thing you can do for your cash flow."