Take control over purchasing and costs,  make a real difference to your finances

P2P Automation : Buyer Module

Control, regulate and automate your company’s purchasing process

The problems with typical systems

15-20% of  a company’s total spend comes from the purchase of indirect materials . This seemingly small amount of purchases creates 70-80% of the problems associated with invoice processing due to its unpredictable nature. Uncontrolled indirect spend also offers an opportunity for fraudulent purchasing to go unnoticed.  This type of buying is most often made up of small unapproved purchases from a wide variety of suppliers who may or may not be known by management or the purchasing department. Spend management should be a top priority and indirect spend is often the most unmanaged component of a company’s expenditures.
Buyer helps you to control, regulate and automate your company’s purchasing function to gain better control and increased discounts . It is also an effective way to stop maverick purchasing in any organization.



Personalized orders

With Buyer you give your employees the ability to quickly and easily find the right product, at the right price from the right vendor, all with management oversight. The product works much like any shopping basket and creates a requisition that can be routed automatically for approval based on your business rules. After final approval the order is electronically sent to the suppliers that provide you with the best discounts or payment terms. Buyer can work with virtually any external catalogue or web shop for large volumes or repetitive purchases, imported  catalogues for favourite products or free text orders for things that you buy very rarely or in low volume.


Greater automation, enhanced productivity

Buyer is an excellent way to increase automation and improve productivity . By gaining control and management of your purchasing function, employees can quickly create orders freeing up time for more critical business tasks. With Buyer companies can now control their entire spend which offers increased processing automation.  Used in conjunction with our Accounts Payable product, Invoice, all invoices with purchase order numbers either generated by your ERP/accounting system and/or Buyer can be automatically matched and posted with no human intervention.