Cloud Based Access Anywhere Purchasing Control

Control, regulate and automate your purchasing process

Your Business Your Rules

Easy and simply to use, get total control over every purchase

Never make an unplanned or maverick spend again with a solution built to your exact needs.  Easily and quickly raise purchase orders. Control who can raise a PO and  set spending limits as you see fit.  Take advantage of intelligent work flows to search approved suppliers for the best terms.  Get business critical visibility on all spending activity instantly to help you drive down your costs.

Easy to use – Simple to control – Invaluable to management

Choose Who Can Make A Purchase Request

The first step in any purchase control, system is to define who within an organisation will have the ability to raise a purchase request.   Our software makes it easy to decide who can raise a purchase request and set the level of approval needed.

  • Easily set ‘rights’ to raise a purchase request based on your business hierarchy, department, specific projects or on an individual basis.
  • Easy to define rules ensure that all information you will require to process a request is captured at time of submission.

Set Spending Limits

Protecting your purchasing capital is essential in modern business.  The simplest and most effective way to achieve this is to define pre-set spending limits.

With our easy to use software you can simply and quickly set spending limits on purchase requests as you see fit.  Define by job role, department, project or on an individual basis.

Approvals and Automation

Every business is different.  One size fits all automation solutions are a disaster.  Our solutions allow complete control over automation and approvals .  Easy to define rules let you decide how much automation you want in the purchase process based on many factors.

  • Set the level of approval needed for a purchase request based on factors such as cost, project, business site or the person raising the request.
  • Easy to define rules allow multi level and multi user approvals to be set-up in seconds.
  • Simple and powerful query routing allows problems to be sorted rapidly
  • Manage multiple business sites with specific rules.

Cloud Based – Access Anywhere 24/7

We believe that managing your purchase process should not be difficult, time consuming or location dependant.

Our cloud based always ready software means that you are in control wherever you are.   Compatible with practically all devices you can raise orders, conduct queries and approve requests from any location you can receive an e-mail.

Get a Free Live Demo…

We believe the best way to understand what our solution can offer your business is to show you face to face.  Contact us today and we will arrange for a completely free no obligation demonstration of the solution.


7 Key benefits:

  • Control who can raise a Purchase Orders
  • Eliminate unauthorised expenditure
  • Manage multiple locations easily
  • Remove wasteful paper from your process
  • Set spending limits
  • Free up management time
  • See instantly the impact of your purchasing decisions

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